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Pop to the Shops: Audio Gold

Can’t help but be attracted to this piece of audio equipment which is a weird visual dichotomy – high tech and a slice of tree trunk (which you would think would be cheap but costs around £800). However the shop is gener ...

Can’t help but be attracted to this piece of audio equipment which is a weird visual dichotomy – high tech and a slice of tree trunk (which you would think would be cheap but costs around £800). However the shop is generally about affordable stuff, mainly from the 80s and 90s, great service and lots of friendly advice – really worth a visit. Audio Gold: 308-310 Park Rd, N8 8LA. Tel: 0208-341-9007

audio gold  turntable

Here’s what they say about themselves – and I couldn’t say it better myself.

Welcome to Audio Gold, London’s specialist second hand Hi fi retailer.  We’re not impossibly expensive HiFi, we’ve got it of course, lots of it, but it’s not all we’re about.  What we do have is row upon row of very accessible, affordable kit and lovely shiny new mini systems and iPod docks too.

And we’re not scary and intimidating in the way specialist shops can be. Expect a warm welcome, plenty of space to look around in your own time, and expert guidance. We leave the patter to other less authentic shops.

Audio Gold shop – Click to see virtual tourWe live in an old Bank Building, full of second hand Hi fi and new equipment. Check out our Gallery.

Our purposefully diverse, colourful range of audio includes wind-up gramophones, to Wi fi radios, a selection that meets the needs of our wonderfully diverse clientele. The main emphasis is on high quality second hand Hi fi from the 1980’s and 1990’s, a time when British makers such as Quad and Arcam as well as Japanese and American manufacturers were  making their most engaging musical, reliable equipment.

With the internet enticing so many people from high street shops, we know that a contemporary real shop like ours needs to be everything the internet isn’t. That means real people with knowledge to help you choose your kit properly. It means a friendly relaxed atmosphere in which to browse shelves stocked with a diverse choice of kit you might never have thought existed, let alone could find on the internet.  And most importantly it means you can listen to the kit first and hear how it all works together for your ears, not for a reviewer!!

And this continues after you’ve chosen your system. We make sure our customers head home with a guarantee, the right leads and knowledge to hook it all up, and we’re there on the phone if people get in a pickle!

Audio Gold is not about junking perfectly good kit to Land Fill, but weeding out the weak links in your system and replacing them with something special to bring the whole thing to life. Then making sure your iPod, laptop and TV are nicely connected.  MP3’s and flat screen TV’s love the big rich sound of real Hi fi, after all, Audio Gold is about connecting people with the music they love, which is the point of great Hi fi.  So we spend a little time and listen! to different equipment and combinations, until people start to grin and even dance in the shop. It’s worth the effort because a fabulous system that suits you and your music lasts years, and brings favourite music to life in your living room day after day.

Our customers tell us all the time that their new Hi fi is a joy, that they have listened to their favourite music afresh – and they send their friends to us. These days most of our customers arrive through recommendation and so many people who walk in for the first time say things like “Wow!, what a brilliant shop…”  Hopefully we’re getting close to our goal of being the best audio shop in London.

Contact: www.audiogold.co.uk

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